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    Other Events Second Zoom Meeting: January 6th 2021 The book club will be hosted by Aneta Mazurkiewicz, a former board member of the Polish Club of Atlanta. After each meeting, a new book representing a different literary genre will be selected. The books will be available in bookstores or we will make them available to you in pdf format. Click here The meetings will be held on Zoom. The invitation, access to an audiobook recording, and further information about the second meeting can be found . for the text of the second book ('Kasacja'). here The second meeting will cover "Kasacja" by Remigiusz Mroz. ​ Announcing the Polish Book Club! Please let us know you are going to join us by emailing or calling Paulina Jezierska: , tel: (404) 907-8515 or Aneta Mazurkiewicz: , tel: (404) 786-9910 'We read to know we are not alone' - C.S. Lewis

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    Our Sponsors Advertise with us ! Want to become our sponsor ? WE ARE KEEPING THE POLISH SPIRIT ALIVE We are a non-profit organization focused on education and cultural enrichment. We operate within the metro Atlanta area. We run the Polish Saturday School for children and adults, where Polish language, Polish history and culture are taught. We have no political and religious preferences. We cooperate with the Chopin Society of Atlanta and the Polish Catholic Apostolate. We organize cultural and community events, and assist newcomers to Atlanta in settling down here. Our goal is to cultivate Polish spirit by nurturing Polish customs and traditions, passing them on to the future generations. POLISH CLUB Join our community. Learn about the Polish club > READ MORE > POLISH SCHOOL Find out how to join our school. Learn the latest news from the Polish school READ MORE >> EVENTS Check out our past and upcoming events > READ MORE > SPONSORS AND ADS Announcements, information, ads: services, health, law, employment > READ MORE > Upcoming Events November 2020 'My favorite Polish dish' COMPETITION Send your contributions to Please send us your recipes and photos of prepared dishes by November 30th. Click for terms and conditions December 5th, 12pm to 2pm Meeting in the park - outdoor get-together for kids and families Jones Bridge Park (Pavilion 1), Norcross Join us for some socially-distanced chats, play, and treats! Kids will receive small gifts from St Nicholas. All our students, former or potential, and their families are welcome! Attendance is limited to 50 so please email us before Thursday December 3rd to let us know how many adults and kids are coming! Email: January 2021 Announcing the Polish Book Club! 'We read to know we are not alone' - C.S. Lewis Click for more information. The next Zoom meeting is on January 6th. The book to be discussed is "Kasacja" by Remigiusz Mroz November and December 2020 Music appreciation classes for adults and kids http:// .org chopinatlanta Check the website of the Chopin Society of Atlanta for more details:

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    Club Events 'My favorite Polish dish' COMPETITION Please send your contributions by November 30th, 2020 Email address for sending contributions and photos: Competition terms and conditions: The recipe must be for a Polish dish; You should send the list of ingredients and the instructions how to prepare the dish; You should include a photo of the prepared dish in your competition contribution. Important: the recipe ought to be sent in the docx (word) format, and the (good quality) photo should be in a pdf format. The judges – board members of the Polish Club of Atlanta - will test and choose 12 best dishes among all the recipes sent to us. The winning dishes and information about their authors will be published in a specially prepared 2021 Calendar. The Calendar will be available for purchase at the end of December 2020, and competition winners will receive a free copy.

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    School Events Meeting in the park ​ All our former and potential students are welcome to ur socially-distanced get-together. Come and enjoy some Polish chats, coffee. tea and hot chocolate, play and treats. The kids will receive a St, Nicholas Day gift. The get-together will be held on December 5th, 12pm to 2om, in Jones Bridge Park, Norcross. Please email us at to tell us you are coming. Please let us know how many adults and kids are in your party. The attendance is limited to 50 people. We will be taking safety and hygiene precautions during the meeting. Please wear your protective masks if you can. ​ Under Georgia law, there is no liability for an injury or death of an individual attending the meeting if such injury or death results from the inherent risks of contracting COVID-19. You are assuming this risk by attending the meeting. ​ ​ ​ ​

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    Board Dorota Sulewski President of the Polish Club of Atlanta I have lived in Atlanta since 2003. I got involved in the operation of the Polish Saturday School in 2015 when my daughter started to attend the School. I have always strived to help and support our School. I have organized the monthly coffee chats since 2015, and I assisted in organizing many other School events. I studied economics and marketing at the Swietokrzyski University in Poland. My passion is baking and my (not yet fulfilled) dream is to open a small bakery. My other passion is art in its many forms: painiting, sewing and needlework – in other words making the world around me more beautiful. I have been volunteering for the Georgia SPCA since 2015, among other duties offering my home as foster home for homeless dogs. Currently I am a proud owner of two cats and three dogs – altogether 19 happy paws. I would not be able to do all that I am able to do without the help of my wonderfully understanding husband! I am a happy mother and wife. I am an optimist, trying to walk through life with a smile on my face. Nothing is impossible to achieve; our future is ours to shape! Anita Szymczyk-Molęda Vice-President of the Polish Club of Atlanta Anita arrived in Atlanta with her husband in 2007, and has lived here since then with a short interval back in Poland. She is a graduate of Szkoła Główna Handlowa (SGH Warsaw School of Economics), she also has a graduate degree in teaching. Currently Anita is busy growing her family business and looking after her two sons. Her passions are life coaching and psychology. She loves ballroom dancing, singing and travel. Magdalena Tulibacka Secretary of the Polish Club of Atlanta She has lived in Atlanta since 2010. Magdalena has a PhD in European law. Before coming to Atlanta, she lived in the UK, where she was a Research Fellow at the University of Oxford. She is and an Adjunct Professor in EU law at Emory Law School and a legal expert on European law projects for the European Commission and the European Parliament. Magdalena has two children: 8-year-old Zofia and 5-year-old Sebastian. Her passions are classical music, art and travel. Paulina Jezierska Tresurer of the Polish club of Atlanta She has lived in Atlanta, with her husband Kamil and their two children: 14 year old Gracjan and 10 year old Gloria, since 2014. Paulina has a Master’s degree in Finance and Accounting at the SGH Warsaw School of Economics. Since 2016 she has worked as bookkeeper for a patent design company. She loves travel and photography. Together with her family she has visited 40 US states since she arrived in Atlanta.

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    Nauczyciele Polskiej Sobotniej Szkoły w Atlancie Teachers and personnel Anna Siemianowicz 3-4 year olds' class Miss Anna was born in Białystok. She has a Masters’ degree in Pre-K Education from the University of Białystok, and a further graduate degree in Early Education from the same University. Before she arrived in Atlanta in 2018, she was a kindergarten teacher in Białystok. Kinga Łapiński 3-4 year olds' class Miss Kinga was born in Muszyna. She graduated from the Education College in Krakow in Special Needs Education. She also has a bachelor’s degree in Early Education from the same College. Her master’s degree was focused on the early support for children’s development. She was a teacher and a therapist in Poland. She wishes to continue to improve her qualifications and develop her professional experience. Agnieszka Biedniak p.o. Dyrektora Szkoly; 5-6 year olds' class Miss Agnieszka lives in Georgia with her two daughters: Ewelina and Lilia. She had taught for the Polish School for eight years, she is now back after a short break and very happy to be teaching here again! She is an artist. Cooking, reading and drawing are her passions. Monika Kowal 7-8 year olds' class Miss Monika has been teaching at the Polish School of Atlanta for eight years. She is the happiest when she sees her class making progress in learning Polish language, when they are learning about Polish culture, customs and traditions and having fun along the way. Her hobbies are travel and nature photography. She loves visiting new places, meeting new people and sampling new foods. Magdalena Kwiatkowska 9-10 year olds' class Miss Magda was born in Nowy Sącz. She studied geology at the University of Science and Technology in Krakow, and marketing at a college in Chicago. She is the mom to twin girls: Milena and Liliana. She loves cooking, decorating and music. Her passion is also reading, especially when the good book is accompanied with a good glass of wine. Since her arrival in Atlanta in 2010 she started participating in Polish community events, starting with the Kids Book Club (Bajecznik), and currently her daughters are also students at the Polish School. Working with children brings her lots of joy, and seeing her students succeed in their studies is the best reward! Dr Sergiusz Khangulian Beginners' adult class Dr Khangulian was born in Tbilisi, Georgia. There for many years he was an adjunct at the State University of Tbilisi in the Department of Literature and Slavic linguistics. He worked with the Polish diaspora in Caucasus for many years. He has been working for the Polish School of Atlanta since 2010. He authored many scholarly publications concerning Adam Mickiewicz, Alexander Pushkin, Edgar Allan Poe, as well as an anthology of Slavic poetry of the twentieth century. Adam Mider Adults' class Mr Adam started working for the Polish School in 2017. He has lived in the U.S. for 18 years. He graduated from the University of Science and Technology in Krakow with a degree in Environmental Protection and Geology. He also studied at the National Louise University in Chicago.


    Adult students declaration Heading 2 Please read the below information carefully, selecting agree is equal to signingning the declaration I acknowledge that I shall be responsible for any damage caused by me on the School premises and for any costs related to it. I declare that I am familiar with the terms and conditions of paying School tuition and other payments and reimbursements, and that I shall pay all applicable fees in a timely manner. First name Last name Selecting the below field means you agree to this declaration and that you signed it Agree KAZIMIERZ PUŁASKI POLISH SATURDAY SCHOOL I hereby consent/do not consent to the use of my image in photographs being taken and films being recorded at the Polish Saturday School in Atlanta or at events organized by the School, and possibly also being published on the School’s website, newsletter and documents issued by the School. Choose below if you consent/do not consent to being photographed and filmed Consent Do not consent arrow&v Submit declaration and sign it Clicking on "Submit declaration and sign it" will send it automatically to our mail address

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    Our patron Kazimierz Pułaski Our patron is Kazimierz Pulaski: Polish-born independence fighter, who distinguished himself in battles for the independence of Poland and the United States of America. Kazimierz Pułaski in Poland was born on in the family home of the Pulaski family. The impressive manor house is no longer there, but the closest address is currently Nowy Swiat 53, on the corner Warecka Street. Kazimierz Pułaski March 1754 Pulaski was one of the leaders of the alliance of Polish nobility aimed at fighting for Polish independence and the Catholic church, and against Russia and the new King Stanisław August Poniatowski supported by Russia (Konfederacja Barska, established on 29 February 1768 in Bar, currently in Ukraine). From 1768 to 1772 ​ he was instrumental in forcing the Russian army to withdraw after the battles near Częstochowa. On 16 January 1771 ​ King Stanisław August Poniatowski, who later accused those involved in the ‘Konfederacja Barska’ of attempting to kill him, was kidnapped. On 3 November 1771 ​ , after the Alliance was dissolved, Kazimierz Pułaski left Poland. In 1772 ​ he was accused of being a participant in the attempt to kidnap the King, and in absentia sentenced to death. The sentence was annuled in 1792. On 7 June 1773 Kazimierz Pułaski in America ​ arrived in America and in August he joined George Washington’s army. 23 July 1977 ​ he took part in the first battle against England – near Brandywine river – where he saved the life of General George Washington by securing his withdrawal. On 11 September 1777 ​ he became General in the Continental Army. On 15 September 1777 ​ he fought the battle of Germantown. On 3 October 1777 he received the consent of Congress to establish the Pulaski Cavalry Legion. On 28 March 1778 ​ the Pulaski Cavalry Legion fought against the English army in Charleston, SC. Starting on 8 May 1779 ​ roku wiadomość o śmierci Pułaskiego dotarła do Generała Jerzego Waszyngtona, który stacjonował w Moore House w West Point. W rozkazie z tego dnia napisal on: „na hasło: Pułaski, ma być odzew: Polska”. 17 listopada 1779 ​ Pulaski was hit by a bullet during the battle of Savannah and died two days later. On 9 October 1779

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    Consent to photographs and films Heading 2 Please read the below information carefully, selecting agree is equal to signingning the consent, you may also disagree I hereby consent/do not consent to photographs and films of my child/children being taken and recorded at the Polish Saturday School in Atlanta or at events organized by the School, and possibly also published on the School’s website, newsletter and documents published by the School. First name of parent or guardian Last name of parent or guardian Select either agree of disagree below Agree Disagree arrow&v KAZIMIERZ PUŁASKI POLISH SATURDAY SCHOOL Submit consent and sign it Clicking on "Submit dconsent and sign it" will send it automatically to our mail address


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