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Polish Club of Atlanta

Polish Club of Atlanta is a non-business entity that runs substantially educational activity around Atlanta Metropolitan area. The main goals are to maintain Polish Saturday School for children and adults, where Polish language, elements of history, and culture are taught. The Club has no organizational links, political or religious aims, but cooperates with the Chopin Society of Atlanta and Polish Catholic Apostolate of the Archdiocese of Atlanta. We share the information with newcomer Poles helping them to find their ways in Atlanta. We cultivate Polish traditions and would like our children to learn as much as possible about them.     


The history of the Polish Club of Atlanta is available here (document WORD, Polish).


Who can become a member of the Polish Club of Atlanta?

Any person who pays the annual membership fee can become a Club member. The membership lasts 12 months after the membership fee is paid. The membership fee is 25 USD per person or 40 USD for the two adult persons living at the same mailing address.  

The members of the Polish Club have the following rights:

•        to vote in the elections to the Club Board

•        to get a discount for the Polish school tuition

•        discounted pricing on the advertising at the Polish Club website and also in the “Club News”

•        the discount on the admission fee to all the events organized by the Polish Club



How to register the Polish Club membership and how to renew it?

  1. You have to fill-in the Membership Declaration, and send it with the check payable to the Polish Club of Atlanta to the following address: 

    Polish Club of Atlanta
    7742 Spalding Drive,
     Suite # 428 
    Norcross, GA 30092

    You can get the Membership declaration by clicking the PDF document „Membership Declaration” at the end of this page.


  2. You can obtain your membership directly at the events organized by the Polish Club of Atlanta. The registration could be done personally at any Polish Club event by filling in the Membership Declaration and handing it along with the fee payment (check or cash) to any of the Club Board representatives.

  3. On-line payment. 
    A fee could be paid through the PayPal. You have to be an owner of a credit card or a PayPal debit account and have an e-mail address.  A fee paid through the PayPal will have an additional handling charge. While paying, please, give your first and last name, telephone number, and the mailing address, or you can send the mentioned information directly to the following e-mail address: