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On April 26th the Board Members of the Polish Club and the Director of the Polish Saturday School in Atlanta had an end of the year meeting. 


Because of the situation we find ourselves in this year, global pandemic and absolute uncertainty of what is next, the unknown of what next school year will bring and so far very few sign ups for next year, the school director and the board members have decided that we are unable to say if the school will open for the year 2020/2021.


The final decision will be made in August 2020.


We are hoping that schools will open on time, that we will be able to use the Norcross Elementary School classrooms, that we will have enough students and that the financial situation we find ourselves in will allow us to rent those classrooms and to pay our beloved teachers.


How to help your school:


1.     If you are behind we kindly ask that you pay your balance.

2.     Sign up your child or yourself for the next school year.

3.     Talk about the school. Maybe you know someone who would like to learn Polish!

4.     If you can go to the Polish Club/School web page please donate!



Thank you for the fabulous but highly unusual school year!


Natalia Hayn, Polish Saturday School director and the Polish Club Board Members (Dorota Sulewski, Paulina Jezierska, Magda Tulibacka and Anita Moleda)

Dear Students and Parents,


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We are a non-profit organization focused on education and cultural enrichment. We operate within the metro Atlanta area.

We run the Polish Saturday School for children and adults, where Polish language, Polish history and culture are taught.


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