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Parents or guardians declaration

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Please read the below information carefully, selecting agree is equal to signingning the declaration



I agree that parents and guardians are not allowed in the classrooms during school time, except for drop off and pick up time and except for persons assisting the teachers, or at a teacher’s request.



I declare that I have been informed that the students of the Polish Saturday School in Atlanta are not allowed to leave the School premises during school sessions without a teacher or a member of the School Staff’s permission. I release the School from any and all legal responsibilities and obligations if my child leaves the school premises on his/her own accord.


I declare that I am familiar with the terms and conditions of paying School tuition and other payments and reimbursements, and that I shall pay all the applicable fees in a timely manner. 

I declare that I have been informed of the parents and guardians’ duty to clean the School premises, and that I accept the duties and responsibilities.

I give permission for my child/children to take part in the events and parties organized by the Polish Saturday School in Atlanta.   


I acknowledge that I shall be responsible for any damage caused by my child on the School premises and any costs related to it.

First name of parent or guardian

Last name of parent or guardian

Selecting the below field means you agree to this declaration and that you signed it

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