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Nauczyciele Polskiej Sobotniej Szkoły w Atlancie

Teachers and Personnel


Agnieszka Bledniak

School principal, teaches kids 9-11 year old

Agnieszka Bledniak has lived in Atlanta with two daughters for over 20 years. She is involved in the Polish school as a parent, teacher, and now, director. She has been a teacher for 13 years. She highly enjoys teaching children her native tongue. Her hobbies are art, cooking, and reading. As an artist herself, she incorporates art in her Polish language lessons, which has a greatly encouraging and helpful effect for young students.

A Spiewak.jpeg

Anna Śpiewak

Vice Principal

I was born in Stalowa Wola in Podkarpacie. I studied Philosophy at the Maria Curie-
Skłodowska University in Lublin. I've been living in the USA for nine years, last three in
Georgia. I'm the mother of two girls, Maya and Livia. I love cooking and baking, and of
course, I prefer Polish cuisine.


Anna Siemianowicz

5-6 year olds' class

Miss Anna was born in Białystok. She has a Masters’ degree in Pre-K Education from the University of Białystok, and a further graduate degree in Early Education from the same University. Before she arrived in Atlanta in 2018, she was a kindergarten teacher in Białystok. 


Zuzia Iwaszkiewicz

7-8 year olds' class

My name is Zuzia Iwaszkiewicz. I am a senior at Johns Creek High School. I am 18 years old. I was born in Edison, New Jersey, however, my family was born and raised in Poland. My first language was Polish, and I travel to see my family in Poland every year for summer vacation. I have experience in teaching. I used to teach math and reading at Kumon tutoring. I attended Polish Saturday school in 2016 and now I have the amazing opportunity to teach kids at the school. I work really well with children and I am great at communication.


Agata Chandran

7-8 years olds' class

My name is Agata Chandran and it is my second year in Polish school of Atlanta, teaching 6–7
year olds. My favorite quote is: Tell me and I forget, show me and I will remember, involve me
and I learn (by Benjamin Franklin).
I was born in Poland and educated at Jagiellonian University in Cracow with a PhD in molecular
biology and genetics. I have worked at The Ohio State University and University of Mississippi
Medical Center for over 15 years. We moved to Atlanta 2 years ago with my husband and 3
lovely boys. If I am not busy with science, reading, teaching or helping my husband with his
business, I am probably on the soccer field with my boys.

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Magdalena Kwiatkowska

10-13 year olds class

Miss Magda was born in Nowy Sącz. She studied geology at the University of Science and Technology in Krakow, and marketing at a college in Chicago. She is the mom to twin girls: Milena and Liliana. She loves cooking, decorating and music. Her passion is also reading, especially when the good book is accompanied with a good glass of wine. Since her arrival in Atlanta in 2010 she started participating in Polish community events, starting with the Kids Book Club (Bajecznik), and currently her daughters are also students at the Polish School. Working with children brings her lots of joy, and seeing her students succeed in their studies is the best reward!


Dr Sergiusz Khangulian

Adult class

Dr. Sergiusz Khangulian (PhD), a Professor of Slavic Studies, active in the Polish expat community. For many years, Sergiusz lectured at the Georgian National University in Tbilisi, and at Heidelberg University (Germany).  Since 2010, he has taught at the Polish school in Atlanta.

bozena radwanska.jpg

Bozena Radwanska

Adult class

Bozena grew up in Warsaw. She studied International Relations and the European Union Program at Georgia State University. She works at the Southern Center for International Studies in Atlanta. For the last 20 years, Bozena has been involved with the Atlanta Polish community, organizing among others an exhibit about the Katyn Massacre and a photographic exhibit “Fall in Love in Poland by Night.” With a few friends, she has organized several Polish Trivia events.  She started teaching the Polish language at Kent State University in Ohio, and after moving to Georgia, she continued teaching it at the Polish School of Atlanta.


Anna Sroka

Teacher substitute

Mrs. Anna Sroka was born in Lublin, where she studied Political Science at Maria Curie-Skłodowski University. She also has a bachelor’s degree in International Relations from Cleveland State University.  She came to USA in 2002 as an Au- Pair.  She was a polish teacher for nine (9) years at that Polish School of Atlanta and volunteer for the Polish Club of Atlanta. 
She is married, and a mom to Summer and Nicholas, and a miniature dachshund named Cookie:).  She loves traveling, gardening, yoga, and art


Sylwia Chmielowiec-Pilch

Teacher substitute

Sylwia Chmielowiec-Pilch was born in Cieszyn. She lives in the United States since 2021. She moved to Atlanta in the August of 2023 from Charleston, South Carolina. She completed several years in pedagogy at various universities. She is also educated in psychology. Her passions are traveling, psychology, and foreign languages. She also takes care of two lovely cats.


Ewelina Bledniak

Teacher substitute

My name is Ewelina Bledniak and I was born in Poland, but have lived most of my life in Georgia. When I was young, I attended this school and was able to become more proficient in my native language. I also learned more about Polish culture and history and developed skills like writing, which I might not have learned well otherwise. Despite my busy schedule as an adult, I have helped as a teacher assistant at the school and I am now a substitute when extra help is needed. Outside of working here, I am a research assistant at the Center for Advanced Brain Imaging.


Alicja Cholewinska

Teacher substitute

My name is Alicja Cholewinska and I'm a proud Seattle native who recently embarked on a new chapter by moving to Georgia. Throughout my life, my parents made sure to preserve my Polish heritage and since then it has been a passion of mine to educate others. This dedication to culture is woven into the fabric of my daily life, influencing everything from the food I cherish to the traditions I observe and share with others. Throughout the week, you may find me teaching at a local middle school to dancing with Mazury Folk Dance Group. 

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