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COVID-19 Announcement

Dear Parents, Students and Friends of the Polish Saturday School of Atlanta,


It is with great deal of sadness and disappointment that we must inform you about suspension of teaching at the Polish Saturday School in the first semester of the school year 2020/2021. There will be no classes until the end of 2020. We are unable to access the Norcross Elementary School building or secure any alternative accommodation for the school at the present moment.

The interest in online teaching has been very low. If we decided to start teaching online notwithstanding, students joining us later in the year, once we are ready for in-person teaching, may be having problems adjusting to the ongoing curriculum. This is why we decided not to hold virtual classes. 

We would like to shout out to our wonderful teachers who were willing to start teaching in these challenging conditions: THANK YOU! Thank you for your enthusiasm and for all your help. 

We are planning to hold monthly outdoor meetings (exact dates are weather dependent) for kids and grown-ups. Please watch our website and Facebook page for announcements! 

As soon as we have sufficient information about the possibilities for in-person teaching in 2021, we shall announce the plans on the website and Facebook page. 

We would like to apologize sincerely for this very late notice. Until yesterday we have been waiting for a final decision from the Norcross Elementary School and for feedback from parents and students. 

Stay well! 


The Board of the Polish Club of Atlanta (Dorota Sulewski, Paulina Jezierska, Anita Moleda and Magdalena Tulibacka).

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