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The Polish Club of Atlanta would like to thank all Members and Sponsors for paying the membership dues and for voting in the Election for the Club’s Board.


110 Members (including Supporting Members, i.e. Sponsors) have joined the Club in the last 4 weeks.


A total of 89 members casted a valid vote. Some voted over the internet, some voted via Proxy / Email, others voted directly at 2 polling locations: in the church in Lawrenceville and in the church in Norcross.

For the first time in the history of the Club we achieved an incredible result of the voters’ turnout

 - over 80%!   You are definitively the best!


100% votes “FOR” the new Board!




The General Assembly of all Members will take place when the financial documentation from the current Board is made available to the Election Committee.


During the meeting the departing Board will present a report for its term of office. Members will vote to approve or reject the report.


After accepting the report the new Board will automatically assume responsibility for the Club. We will welcome the newly elected Board. According to the Bylaws the new Board will include the President of the outgoing Board.


New Board alphabetically

Michal Adamczyk

Agnieszka Bledniak

Steve Joyce

Martyna Monko

Mirka Nawara

Maciej Smusz

Dorota Sulewski


I wanted to thank the members of the outgoing Board, the new Board, and the Nominating / Election Committee for their help in organizing the Election and for preparing a great start of the new term.


I hope we All actively will support the Club and the new Board. I promise I will!


It's always better together!


Barbara Leszczynski

Polish Club of Atlanta

Election Committee

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