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About the club

We are a non-profit organization focused on education and cultural enrichment. We operate within the metro Atlanta area.

We run the Polish Saturday School for children and adults, where Polish language, Polish history and culture are taught.

We have no political and religious preferences. We cooperate with the Chopin Society of Atlanta and the Polish Catholic Apostolate. We organize cultural and community events, and assist newcomers to Atlanta in settling down here.

Our goal is to cultivate Polish spirit by nurturing Polish customs and traditions, passing them on to the future generations.


Embracing culture, remembering history, and enriching souls.



To promote ethnic and traditional values characteristic of the Polish-American community, to educate about Polish culture and traditions, to cultivate Polish language and to create common bonds and social interactions with other ethnic and cultural communities from around the globe.



Bring our culture and history closer to our American neighbors. We hope that thanks to this knowledge they will gain understanding and respect for the values we represent: strong family ties, a deep sense of friendship and loyalty, love of tradition, respect for education and honest living, opposing evil and injustice, and love of freedom above all measures.

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